Age 28
Birthplace Malaysia
Occupation DJ, Model, Businesswoman, Emcee, Brand Ambassador
Hobby Travelling
About Leng Sean started her modelling career when her sister, Leng Yein won Miss Pahang. That’s when an agent had discovered her because of her height and talent. Later, she won herself Miss Pahang as well! She is a very talented young lady, she does modelling, R&B, pole dancing, traditional dance, she even worked as a salesperson in YTL before! The beauty pageant titles that she won is humongous! She hosted a lot of car shows, top brand’s event, she’s even Malaysia’s FIRST Club MC and FIRST Hype Girl! Basically, there’s nothing she can’t do. However, when asked one thing that she dislikes the most about her job, she said“Being tied up with time…” Hence, she runs a business with her sister Leng Yein since 15-years-old. Right now she runs The Leng Sisters Empire. Other than working, she also loves to run social media training, teaching people how to be successful in social media, as well as running online businesses. Right now, Leng Sean is on The Leng Sisters World Tour with her sister Leng Yein! Seriously, don’t think there are any other DJs are as successful as this sisters!

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