Age 35
Birthplace Kuala Lumpur
Occupation TV Host, Radio Announcer, Emcee, Stage Actor, Singer, Movie Star
Hobby Singing, Dancing
About Besides remembered for her constant appearance on Disney Channel Asia, Azura has achieved quite a bit in her lifetime as an entertainer. Her talent doesn’t only stay at 1 thing but whatever it is that she dabbles into, it becomes gold. She was nominated twice as Best Light Entertainment Presenter/Performer at the Asian Television Awards in 2002 & 2004. She even has a book out, “Azura Zainal’s Guide to TV & Radio Hosting”. You can call or describe Azura as the TV Host, Radio Announcer, Emcee, Stage Actor, Singer and a Movie Star, but to many, she is the laid-back, funny, fun-loving and awesome Azura Zainal.

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